Hey! My name is Harriet Wright - Business Woman, Six Figure Mindset Coach & founder of Design your Mind movement!

Over the past three years, I’ve designed and built my dream life. I'm a multiple six figure entrepreneur who is here to help other incredible women uplevel their lives and bank accounts! 

When it comes to mindset - I know what works, and .. (importantly) what doesn’t. I’m here to save you time, money and to accelerate your success while helping you build the life of your dreams.

I realised very quickly within my own business that mindset is EVERYTHING! You can have all the systems in place for your first six figure year, but ... do you have a six figure mindset?

L E T ' S G E T. S T A R T E D !


✔ Abundance Tip No. 1:

 ➙ Check your money EVERY DAY!  

How often do you check your bank account?  

More importantly … how do you FEEL when you log in? 

Money is an incredible energetic resource that flows so freely. If we aren’t checking in and giving it some love, do you think it will want to stay?!  

Each and every morning I will log into my online banking and get excited to see the figure. I thank the universe and feel so grateful for all the amazing abundance currently in my life.  

The main word here is FEEL. Really tap into that incredible feeling of gratitude.

Top Tip: if you are struggling with identifying the feeling, put your hand on your heart and feel the energy build with each breath

Enjoy being around money! Get excited and full of gratitude when you are in its presence. 

I know all too well the panic of checking a bank account. Four years ago I was over £25000 in debt and couldn’t afford the monthly repayments. I would avoid my account and bury my head in the sand. I decided to change my money mindset and even at rock bottom I showed up each day to spend time with my amazing energetic resource.  

I knew that if my mindset around money didn't change, nothing would change.

Become an energetic match for abundance. Allow the channels of abundance to open and flow freely by enjoying being around your money. 

✔ Abundance Tip No. 2:

 ➙ Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

When you swipe your card or take cash out of your purse to pay, what is going through your mind?  

How do you feel when you pay a bill?  

If you are feeling grouchy about spending money do you think they universe will bless you with more!?  

Y’know what they say about holding onto something too tight? It is going to slip right outta your hands!  

Get excited to pay a bill! How LUCKY are we that we get to pay to have fresh, clean water? To pay rent and have four walls and a roof over our heads?  

Get excited to swipe your card! How amazing is it that we can transfer abundance and energy for something physical?  

View the energy of money like a boomerang. If you throw it with purpose and excitement it’s going to come right back to you! Throw it half heartedly and my guess is that its going to flop onto the floor without even having the change to come back!  

By stepping into gratitude you are opening the energetic channel for MORE! 

✔ Abundance Tip No. 3:

 ➙ Repeat your affirmations EVERY day!

Affirmations are so incredibly powerful when it comes to changing your money mindset.  

A year ago my income was stuck at £7000 ($9100) per month. I could NOT get past this number! I decided to totally rebuild my beliefs about money and set a new affirmation: “I now make £15,000 a month. This figure is EASY!’ …. and guess what? One month later that was my new reality.  

A couple of months ago I was reading through my old journals from when I started my business and guess what number I had written down as my goal? £7000!! The universe will give you what you ask for! It took 18 months to reach that figure but trust in your goals and the abundance that is coming your way.  

I write down my affirmations each morning and say them each time I spend money or check my bank accounts.  

Some of the most powerful ones have been:  

✨ I am an energetic match for abundance! ✨ Money flows feely and easy to me ✨ Each time I spend I know double the amount will flow back to me ✨ I am debt free

Top Tip: always create your affirmations in the present tense ... 'I am' or 'I have'

✔ Abundance Tip No. 4:

 ➙ Write the number down

Take a minute to close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and ask yourself:  

How much do I want to make?  

What is the figure that first came to mind?  

18 months ago for me, that number was £7000.  

I wrote that number in my journal and looked at it each day.

The figure that feels most aligned to you? Write it down! Make that order with the universe.  

Many of us have a ‘financial thermometer’. We get stuck at a certain number and that is what we expect … Now is the time to change it up!  

When I first started my business I had a wall chart where I would tick off the amount I had made. That chart only went up to £3,000. Do you think I ever made more than £3000? NO! I had created a limit for myself.  

Set yourself a new limit, a new goal and rise up to meet it. 

✔ Abundance Tip No. 5:

 ➙ Clear your space

If your purse is a hot mess do you think ANYTHING will want to hang out in it?  

If the space where you spend time online banking is cluttered do you think the amazing energy of money will want to spend time there?  

The answer is no  

Clean out your purse, declutter your space. Make ROOM for all the new abundant energy.  

You could even burn some sage and cleanse any negativity to invite in even more positivity!  

(Top tip: withdraw the biggest bill you can and keep it in your purse. Feeling abundant each time you open to pay is a great way to raise your vibration and abundance)  

All these tips are super effective but also easy to implement into your day! They have been so powerful in upleveling my mindset!

I am so excited to see the changes you make and the abundance you attract! 

Keep me updated over on Instagram @harrietamywright OR send me an email contact@harrietwright.com

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